regions in service

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  • - Developer : Ntreev soft
  • - Publisher: Netmarble
  • - Genre : MMORPG
  • - Platform : PC-Online Game
  • - Releases: April 2003

system requirements

To ensure the best game play be sure to check with the system requirements.

  • CPU : Pentium III 800Mhz
  • Memory : 128MB
  • Platform Windows : 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP
  • Graphics Card : Geforce 2MX or higher
  • Direct X Version : DirectX 8.1 or higher


Best 2D Graphic & Cute Characters
Cute, vivid graphics and characters suited for both kids and kids-at-heart.
Advantage of Package Game
Experience the best of package games by playing through detailed quest modes and different campaigns
Strength of MMOG
Experience the best of MMO game through unique chatting system and various party play modes.
New & Innovative System
All new and never seen before features like Drill System, Card Battle System, My Camp System, and Monster Quest System

Game Features

Graphics & Cute Characters
4 types of characters, each with male and female counterparts. The characters that combine RPG aspect as well as avatar concept Harnessing and growing the characters strength through Occupation Transportation System
Drill System
A feature never seen before, you acquire new items by drilling holes in the ground. Different types of drills are available for different types of environment.
Card Battle System
Vs. mode that pits user against one another with. A game within a game
Party System
Form your own party with your friends to complete number of unique quests
Variety of Equipments & Items
Usable Items - Diversified Portions, Teleport, hairdye that use in variety
Equipment Items - Functional (for Offense/Defense) and Fashion Items
Drill Items - Different drills for different environments
Pet Items - Each character can bring along their own pet
Other Items - Items for decorating My Camp or items that give your character special powers